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Value Assessment Chart

Rent or Buy?
Renting is cost effective.  
Deciding whether to rent or buy is an important consideration when your child is just starting to explore music. Although there are many other situations in which buying upfront makes sense, music exploration at the early stage may not be one of them and will depend on how much you want to spend.


*Group 1 instruments include Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Snare/Bell Kit. Rental instruments from The Magic Flute normally sell for $500 - $1000.


1st School Year

Rental (9-mos)*

<$200 Purchase (from another retailer)

Quality brand - Knilling, Eastman, Scott Cao, Jupiter, Buffet, or Yamaha



Size options - for best fit



Flexible exchanges to the right instrument (e.g., type, size)

Option to transfer purchase credit up to 12 months

Unlimited exchanges for fractional sized instruments


Service and maintenance

Unlimited, included in contract

$90 per hour

Rent-to-Own option

Purchase credit accrued with continuous rental


Good playing experience



Reparable (indicative of quality)




Quality and Experience Assessment
A quick summary.
Cheap instruments are cheap for a reason--made with low quality materials and substandard design and workmanship. Often, they are either not serviceable because of this, or they need more frequent service to be playable. This can result in a frustrating, uninspiring playing experience (intonation and other playability issues) for students.  The Magic Flute invests in high quality rental instruments, replenishing our inventory every year due to rental buyouts and growing demand.  Renting a higher quality instrument ensures your child will have an inspiring and satisfying musical journey.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.