Accessories for your instrument rental are important as they help create a better playing experience

Get Instrument Accessories for a Better Playing Experience.

Whether you rent or own, when you play an instrument in the band or orchestra, you need certain accessories to play comfortably, maintain your instrument and learn music.

Accessories for Playability

Accessories vary by instrument, but some of the most common include: strings, reeds, music stands, mutes, shoulder rests and everything else that you might need to play comfortably.  For some instruments, teachers will recommend specific accessories, be sure to check with them.

Instrument Maintenance

Maintenance supplies also vary by instrument but can include: rosin, silk swabs, polishing cloths, oil, lubricant, and germicide. 

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Method Books and Sheet Music

We carry a comprehensive selection of sheet music and method books, including the most common assigned by Marin County music teachers such as: Standard of Excellence, Essential Elements, String Basics, Sound Innovations and others.  The best thing to do is to ask your teacher for the book assigned for your class.

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