It’s easy to renew your school music band or orchestra instrument rental at The Magic Flute.

Renew your Rental Instrument to Keep Playing and Earning Credit

If your instrument rental contract is coming to an end, but your music career continues, you don't have to return your instrument, you can simply renew your contract to keep playing.

Plus, renewing your instrument allows you to keep the purchase credit earned to date, that can be applied to buying out the instrument.

Renew today to:

  • Take advantage of new contract discounts (Early Bird Savings)

  • Hang on to your instrument to keep playing

  • Continue to earn purchase credit (including what you’ve earned to date)

  • Enjoy the maintenance service that comes with your instrument rental contract, bringing your instrument in for cleaning

Do You Want to Purchase Your Instrument Now?

If your child's interest is high and will continue after the next school year, buying the instrument now might be worthwhile (unless you have a fractional-size instrument where upsizing might make more sense).

Find the "buy it now price" on the email renewal statement, or Log into your account to see your "buy it now" price. Then click here to submit your purchase payment.

Ready to Return your Instrument?

If you know you won't need your instrument after your contract ends, simply bring it to the store during normal business hours.

Per your contract, if you don't renew or return your instrument by the contract end date, you'll be billed month-to-month at the regular rate, including tax.

Sign Up for Private Music Lessons

Weekly music lessons with an experienced, inspirational teacher is a great way to augment school music classes. Find a teacher, day and time that works best for you and give it a try with a FREE trial music lesson.