Open Mic Nights

Every 2nd Saturday


Friendly Venue
With professional sound and lighting, our stage provides a safe and supportive environment for musicians and singers, young and old, to perform in front of a LIVE audience!

Great for Music Lessons Students
It’s a great opportunity for Music Lessons students to meet, collaborate, and perform together.

Bring Your Entourage
Students, customers, friends and family are invited to perform or simply to be entertained.  



Mark Your Calendar, Sign Up Early


Music Lessons teacher Katie Fritz and students

Secure a spot in the line-up by signing up online early or simply show up and sign in when you get here.

In person sign ups start when the doors open: 5:30p.  

Show starts at 6p.  

IMPORTANT: Performers must sign in by 6:30p in order to play.  

We finish with the last performer or 8p, whichever comes first!  

Sign Up Early



Helpful Details


  1. Doors open at 5:30p, show starts at 6p, play until last performer or 8p
  2. FREE
  3. All ages and levels welcome
  4. SIGN UP early online or in person when doors open
  5. Performers must SIGN IN by 6:30p
  6. Performers will be called to the stage in the order they signed up with a minor exception for kids, we'll call them up first no matter when they signed up
  7. All performers are invited to play up to 2 songs or up to 8 minutes
  8. Our stage provides professional sound and lighting and we'll have a sound engineer onsite to assist
  9. You are welcome to bring a backing track (on phone, tablet) for PA output
  10. We'll have a house drum set and a full keyboard available

H is 4 Hector  



2024 Schedule


Mark Your Calendar Now!

Early sign ups start the day after the previous date 

  • May 11

  • June 8

  • July 13

  • August 10

  • September 14

  • October 12

  • November 9

  • December 14



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Answers to FAQs


Q: Do I need to check in when I arrive?
A: Yes, all performers must check in by 6:30p in order to play.
Q: How many songs can I play?
A: On most nights, no more than 2.
Q: How do I know when I go on?
A: Check in with our staff at the beginning of the night, and we'll let you know where you are on the list. If you are not present when your name is called, you lose your spot.
Q: Will there be piano accompaniment available to me?
A: Not usually, but on some nights there might be a performer willing to accompany on piano (or guitar). Bring a backing track and a chart to make sure your bases are covered.
Q: Can I use a backing track?
A: Yes. Bring your your phone or tablet with the backing track, or email ([email protected]) or text (415-479-3112) a link to the backing track before at least a day in advance of the Open Mic Night.
Q: Can I perform with others?
A: Duos are welcome, but there will typically still be a 2-song limit. Sometimes, musicians meet other musicians at open mics, and they end up performing together. Don't be shy!
Q: Can I bring my full band?
A: Typically, we cannot accomodate full bands at our Open Mic Nights. However, we do occasionally host after-hours live music nights for full bands. Send us information about your band and we'll keep it under consideration.


Sign Up Early