We believe, wholeheartedly, that music heals the soul.  It is our joy and privilege to provide a space to celebrate and encourage the wonder of music in our community—today and for future generations. 

Whether you meet us in our store, on our website or in the community, we hope to always convey our love of music and the power it has to transform, enlighten, and inspire.

Our Story

In early 1976, Michael Mitchell opened the doors to The Magic Flute at its original location by Lococo’s Pizzeria and Scotty’s Market in the Terra Linda neighborhood of San Rafael.

Mike, an English horn player, was a social worker at St Vincent’s School for Boys before venturing into music retail when he bought B&G Music. Buying a music store was in line with his deep interest in music and community and, as a fan of Dvořák and Mozart, he renamed the store after Mozart’s last opera (The Magic Flute).

In 1978, Mike expanded and moved the store to the Northgate One shopping center where it has thrived for over 40 years, serving thousands of musicians, an enduring and cherished community institution.

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Our Team

Management and Music Lessons

Christian Dean
Owner / Guitar Technician
Guitar, Voice
Christian has been connected to this store for most of his life. As a young kid, he saved up to buy his first guitar here in 1977 (Franciscan acoustic classical for $35.00!), started working here in 1980—shipping, receiving, stocking and cleaning, then bought the store from Mike 30 years later (2010). It would be an understatement to say he LOVES this place, the staff and the customers.
Loren "Spike" Klein
General Manager
Since 2001, and after working in almost every position, Spike is our main "bean counter". Introduced to the store via jazz band at College of Marin, Spike says he's stayed because his bosses (past and present) are excellent, friendships made are irreplaceable, and he believes in our mission which is to help bring music-making into the lives of as many people as possible. Who can argue with that?
Tamara Osheroff
Owner / Marketing
Ukulele, Voice
Tamara has spent her career in marketing consulting. Shortly before the 10th anniversary of store co-ownership, her career shifted such that she could finally join the team and focus her talents at The Magic Flute. She's never been happier.
Joe Nemzer
Manager/Music Lessons, Online Inventory, Shipping
Electric and Upright Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums
Since 2005, Joe has seen it all. Literally. Being responsible for receiving new inventory–getting it on the sales floor and on our website, he touches practically everything that comes in. And when he’s not handling products, he’s deftly serving students and teachers in our Music Lessons program. As a Marin native, active musician and teacher, the staff camaraderie and connection with local musicians makes this a great place to be.
Scott MacQuarrie
Sales Manager
Trombone, Piano, Guitar and Bass Guitar
Scott considers himself a lucky guy. He was introduced to music at a young age and since graduating from Marin School of the Arts (MSA), he’s landed the perfect gig–he’s getting paid to continue his music education! Scott recognizes the unique opportunities he was given to learn and explore music so he makes it his personal mission to share his knowledge and experience with all of his customers, encouraging their exploration of music. We’re the lucky ones.

Repair Shop

Ivan Andres Rondon Triana
Brass and Woodwind Technician
Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Latin Percussion, Voice
When Ivan found us in 2013, it was a match made in heaven. As an experienced technician, and active musician and performer in Bairro Manouche, among others, he knows how important it is for customers to get the best possible care for their instruments, so they keep playing. He loves working in a small, forward looking, family-owned business dedicated to serving its customers and the music community. Feelings are mutual.
Mark Culbertson
Orchestral Strings Technician
Double Bass, Electric Bass
Mark is an accomplished musician, teacher, and repair technician. Though he had shopped at "the Flute" since moving to the area in 1994, and he knew it had a great reputation, it was Sandy Perlman, producer of Blue Oyster Cult, who gave Mark the idea that it would be a fun place to work. Trained in string instrument and bow repair, Mark jumped at the opportunity to work in our Repair Shop. 14 years later, we're so glad he did!
Chaco Amazè
Brass and Woodwind Technician / Sales
Tenor Saxophone
Chaco is a natural talent. Whether he's playing a sax or repairing one, he makes it seem soulful and effortless. When he joined the Repair Shop team in 2020, he was the  youngest and newest technician. Like many others, he came highly recommended by another staff member, which says a lot! He loves the "chill" environment and being part of a collective that values him, his time and the importance of music in all of our lives.
Avery Okamura
Sales / Guitar and Bass Technician
Guitar, Drums
Avery, the singing guitar player in One Armed Joey, is also a self-professed "gear head". Need a guitar, pedal, or amp reco? He’ll have one, and he’s also happy to put on a string or clean a noisy output jack while you’re here. As a kid he loved visiting his uncle Ethan in the Repair Shop (it didn't hurt that Silbermann's Ice Cream was close by!). Being around instruments is awesome, but the best part of his job is working with his colleagues and serving his customers. He just loves music, man.

Sales and Operations

Michael “The Fiend” Creamer
Sales Associate
After 30+ years, The Fiend is a fixture in our music community and in our store. His soft-spoken, approachable self has helped hundreds of customers, young and old, on their musical journeys. As a good listener, he makes it easy for customers to open up and share their musical dreams and aspirations, or simply hang out and catch up. He loves working in “the” community music store in Marin, surrounded by his closest friends, his wife (who he met here!), and cool gear all day. Can it still be called “work”?!
Brody Bass
Sales Associate
Electric Bass, Guitar
Brody is one-of-a-kind and brings some cool, positive energy with him every time he hits the floor. He loves music and while he's pursuing his dream of rock stardom as a founding member of Modern Monsters, working at a music store is pure awesomeness. We love that he uses his passion and knowledge of music to greet and get to know what our customers are looking for so he can help answer questions and get the right instruments into their hands. Rock on Brody!
Jack O'Brien
Sales Associate
Bass, Ukulele
Growing up in Terra Linda, The Magic Flute was always Jack’s “go to” music store. When he saw the opportunity to join our team, he didn’t hesitate. As a Sales Associate, he stays close to the local music community, helps customers along their musical journey, and finds something to look forward to, every shift.
Blake Biller
Sales Associate
Guitar, Drums
Gear-head? Yes please. Who better to help a customer decide what’s best for them than someone enthusiastic about tools and techniques? Blake’s passion for music is contagious, he shreds like a maniac, and his product knowledge is amazingly deep for such a young guy.
Cameron Dailey
Sales Associate
Guitar, Piano
Working in a music store puts Cameron in an environment that so reflects his interests–music, instruments, and helping and inspiring customers, especially when it comes to guitar. And, The Magic Flute’s family atmosphere makes the whole experience even better.
Kevin Hansen
Administrative Support
We’re so lucky to have Kevin on our team since 2003! Not only is he a wiz at keeping our "back office" in order with filing, inventory management, and rental fleet preparedness, but he keeps Christian and the shop guys fortified with a regular infusion of donut holes from our favorite, Jelly Donuts, right here in Northgate One. When he's not working, Kevin can be found playing his clarinet in the Deutscher Musikverein of SF.


Marilyn Creamer
Social Media / Community Manager
Music, art, and family mean the world to Marilyn, and she has found her place. Over the years (since 2002), she has worn many hats and is currently our Social Media and Community Manager. As one of few women on staff she's often remembered as the "sheet music lady" or "one of the ladies behind the counter". As a musician, a mom and one who believes in the inherent benefits of music, she delivers the content that our customers love and want.
Elke Dean
Visual Display
Elke has helped with display and merchandising since the early 1980's when Mike was the owner and Christian was just a kid who worked here. Trained in window dressing and visual merchandising in her hometown of Munich, Germany, and a creative entrepreneur many times over, Elke still ensures our windows and our store always look the best, current and festive.



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