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5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Band and Orchestra Class

Rent your instrument--done!

Buy some sheet music! Whether a teacher-assigned method book, songs from your favorite movie soundtrack or another fun music book, get something to start with.

Get familiar with your instrument. Caring for and being responsible for an instrument is part of the learning process. Now is a good time to practice assembling your instrument and learning how to maintain it. Visit The Magic Flute for advice and to purchase instrument-specific cleaning supplies.

Set up a good place for home practice. New players need help getting organized for practicing at home—which they will be doing a lot of once music classes start. Designating a good practice area in the house, that isn’t disruptive, is the first step. Next, you want to set it up for success. This includes a chair, a music stand and, for brass and orchestral string instruments, a mute. :-)

Find inspiration. Help your child find a musician that plays the instrument they’ve chosen and who really inspires them. Find time to listen together, this will give you insight into your child’s musical joy and aspiration.

Have questions?  Do not hesitate to reach out to us, we’re here to help.

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