The Magic Flute Music Lessons Policy

We’re excited to have you join The Magic Flute Music Lessons!  Please take a moment to review our program policies, which student, or legal guardian, agrees to follow.

Tuition Billing: The Magic Flute Music Lessons is a subscription-based program. Students may take one free 30-minute trial lesson per teacher. To continue lessons with a teacher after a free trial lesson, a student agrees to a weekly schedule according to a set day/time and an initial month’s payment (based on the number of upcoming lessons in that first month), as well as automatic monthly renewal payments (based on the number of lessons scheduled for each month). All payments must be made in advance, and a working credit card must be kept on file at The Magic Flute for automatic lesson subscription payment processing.

Payment does NOT guarantee makeup lessons, or other lessons outside of regularly scheduled lesson times. The Magic Flute Music Lessons reserves the right to stop lessons if payment is not received.

Cancellation with Less Than 24-hours Notice: For cancellations with insufficient notice (i.e., less than 24 hours prior to the lesson time), or lesson no-shows, no makeup lessons, lesson credits, or refunds will be issued.  

Cancellation with More Than 24-hours Notice:  For cancellations with sufficient notice, a credit will be issued for the lesson, which can then be applied as payment for a makeup lesson or toward a future subscription payment. Cancellation can be done via, or by contacting The Magic Flute more than 24 hours prior to the lesson time by phone or text (415-479-3112) or via email ([email protected]), and we encourage students/parents to also notify the teacher directly.

Lesson Credit Limits: Students are limited to three (3) cancellations with sufficient notice within a 90-day period, and no more than four (4) cancellations with sufficient notice can be held in credit at a time. Credits for cancellations beyond these limits will be forfeited.

Lengthy Absences: In the case that a student must miss more than three (3) lessons in a row, The Magic Flute may need to 1) remove the student from the Teacher’s schedule, 2) cancel the lesson subscription, and 3) refund any outstanding lesson credits. After such absence, there will be no guarantee that the student can resume a lesson subscription with the same teacher at the same day/time as the canceled subscription.

Makeup Lessons: Notification of cancellation does NOT guarantee a makeup lesson. Makeup lessons will be subject to the availability of the teacher. All makeup lessons must occur within 30 days of the missed lesson.

Teacher Cancellations: In the event that a teacher cancels a lesson, a credit or refund will be issued (unless the student agrees to a makeup lesson).

Instructors: Students enroll with The Magic Flute Music Lessons, not individual teachers. Students may not solicit teachers for instruction outside The Magic Flute Music Lessons. The Magic Flute Music Lessons reserves the right to change teachers temporarily (i.e., hire a substitute) or permanently.

Withdrawal/Subscription Cancellation: Students are responsible for all monthly tuition fees incurred from the lesson start date until a cancellation notice is received by The Magic Flute Music Lessons via phone call or text (415-479-3112) or email ([email protected]). To withdraw from a monthly subscription, you must notify The Magic Flute Music Lessons Program Administrator of cancellation of your subscription prior to your next payment due date. The Magic Flute Music Lessons utilizes Opus1, a web-based platform designed specifically for the performing arts to schedule and track lessons and process lesson payments.  Students/Parents can use Opus1 to view their lesson schedule, cancel lessons (subject to restrictions), communicate with their teachers, and manage payment methods.

Student, Parent, or legal guardian, agrees that the Policy becomes effective when accepted in Opus1 and remains in effect as long as services are provided via scheduled lessons.