Used Selmer Super Action 80 Alto Sax with Original Selmer Case and C80 Selmer Mouthpiece

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Manufacturer Part #:  SUPER80

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The Selmer Super Action 80 Alto Sax is a renowned instrument known for its exceptional performance and quality. Meticulously crafted, this saxophone offers a rich, expressive tone along with effortless playability and excellent intonation. Its durable construction and ergonomic keywork ensure comfortable playing and seamless technique. Suitable for both professional saxophonists and dedicated students, the Super Action 80 is a reliable and inspiring choice.

  •  Material: Brass
  •  Finish: Clear lacquer
  •  Keywork: Ergonomic design
  •  High F# key for extended range
  •  Adjustable thumb rest for comfort
  •  Treated leather pads for enhanced durability
  •  Comes with a professional-quality mouthpiece and case

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Model: SUPER80
Manufacturer: Selmer