Used Blackstar St James 50 Watt Amp Head Blackstar St. James Vertical 2x12 Footswitch Included

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Manufacturer Part #:  STJAMES

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Looking for a powerful, yet versatile guitar rig? Look no further than the St. James 50 EL34 Head and the St. James 212VOC Fawn Cabinet. The EL34 tubes deliver that classic British crunch with incredible detail and response, while the perfectly matched 212VOC cabinet provides a rich, full-bodied sound that's perfect for everything from blues to heavy metal. And with its sleek, vintage-inspired design, this rig looks just as great as it sounds. Don't settle for less - step up to St. James and experience the ultimate in guitar tone.

  • 50 Watt Head 
  • 2 x EL34 and 2x ECC83
  • Classic low gain pedal platform with +10dB clean boost
  • Vertical 2x12 cabinet
  • 2x 12" Celestion Zephyr speakers
  • Head and Cab NOT sold seperately

Manufacturer: Blackstar