Used Scott Cao 4/4 Cello STC-850 Series Montagnana with Foam Hard Case and Le Salle Bow

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Manufacturer Part #:  STC850

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The Scott Cao "Montagnana" Cello is based on the original Montagnana cello crafted by Venetian maker, Domenico Montagnana in 1739. This model is sometimes referred to as the "Sleeping Beauty" as it was not played for 100 years, until obtained by the world famous virtuoso, Gregor Piatigorsky. The Scott Cao "Montagnana" cello is a beautiful interpretation of the original and features the larger Montagnana design and produces a full, penetrating tone. The Scott Cao "Montagnana" cello is meticulously carved by experienced luthiers under the strict supervision of Scott Cao. Spruce top of fine to medium grain. Inlaid purfling. Two piece maple back with strong, medium flame. Ribs and scroll similar to back. Finished in an attractive reddish-brown on a golden ground and antiqued in the style of the original instrument. 

  • Hand Carved Italian Spruce Top
  • Bosnian Maple Back and Sides
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • Wittner style tailpiece
  • Comes with Case and Bow

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Model: STC850
Manufacturer: Scott Cao