Stagg High Gloss Black Piano Bench with Ribbed Black Velvet Top

Our Price: $189.99
Manufacturer Part #:  PB39-BKP-VBK


The proper sitting position when playing the piano is important. Not only to make playing easier, but to prevent back pain and arm fatigue. A good piano bench that is height adjustable is essential to this. It helps you play the instrument better, and helps you get more enjoyment out of the piano.


  • Black with highgloss finish piano bench
  • Oak wood structure with ribbed black velvet seat top
  • Adjustable height 19.3" to 23.23"
  • Seaquirt dimensions of 21.6" x 12.6"
  • Some assembly reed

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Model: PB39-BKP-VBK
Manufacturer: Emd Music, Inc.