Shure SM58-LC Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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Manufacturer Part #:  SM58LC

The legendary Shure SM58 dynamic vocal microphone is an industry standard for both lead and backup vocals on stage and in the studio. It features a highly versatile cardioid pattern that helps reduce the pickup of unwanted sounds, perfect for noisy stage environments. Designed to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction, the Shure SM58 is consistently a first choice for vocal performances around the globe. Plus, the Shure SM58 mic is equally at home in the recording studio, and has been a secret weapon for many top studio engineers and producers for several decades.

The Shure SM58 is tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of vocal sounds. Even in extreme conditions, the SM58's cardioid pattern is tailored to target the main sound source while minimizing background noise. It is also very popular with DJs and presenters in clubs and in small and large live venues. Durable construction, a simple, proven shockmount system, and a steel mesh grille ensure that even with rough handling, the Shure SM58 dynamic vocal mic will perform consistently, outdoors or indoors.

When live sound engineers need dependable, predictable microphones, the SM58 is a top choice. Particularly for engineers that work with several bands, often for the first time, the Shure SM58 dynamic microphone offers a time-tested solution that suits a wide range of vocal ranges and styles. Plus, its cardioid pattern works well on noisy stages. The SM58's cardioid pattern focuses on the main source while ignoring unwanted, off-axis sounds. It's also terrific at reducing handling noise, so the SM58 is perfect for active performers.

Recording studio engineers love the Shure SM58 for its predictable response in the studio. For many vocal styles, the SM58 dynamic mic is both the easiest and best sounding solution. While studio mics have certainly become more advanced, nothing has replaced the Shure SM58's simplicity and dependability. Studio condenser microphones have a much wider frequency range. They capture higher fidelity audio and more detail, but that's not always what's best for the mix. The Shure SM58 has a tighter frequency range than most studio condenser microphones, and plenty of detail and clarity.

A balanced mix gives each instrument its own place in the frequency spectrum. In a busy mix, low frequencies from an acoustic guitar might be competing with the bass guitar or kick drum. You'll also find competition in higher frequencies. Vocals with high frequencies are said to have air and presence, but too much will ruin a song. The SM58 sits strong and naturally in a busy mix. It usually doesn't need a ton of EQ adjustment, which means a lot less mixing work. Billy Idol's studio engineer, Mike Frondelli, as well as Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart record producer, Andy Johns, are known to have chosen the Shure SM58 dynamic mic over more expensive condenser mics in the studio.

When you need the all-around best vocal microphone, the Shure SM58 is tough to beat. Whether for live sound or the recording studio, a mic locker without the SM58, or a handful of them, is incomplete.

Model: SM58LC
Manufacturer: Shure