Savarez HT Alliance Trebles Cantiga Bass Classical Guitar Strings

Regular Price: $28.90
Our Price: $19.99
Manufacturer Part #:  510AJ

Savarez 510AJ Alliance Cantiga High Tension strings are the perfect union between Cantiga bass strings and the famous Alliance KF trebles acclaimed for their brilliance and sound projection. This new combination provides you with incredible sound and added characteristics like a wide harmonics and overtone spectrum, precise response, great sustain, and an easy feel.

Tension (lb.)

  • E-1: 18.76
  • B-2: 13.91
  • G-3: 13.47
  • D-4: 16.78
  • A-5: 15.67
  • E-6: 15.45

Model: 510AJ
Manufacturer: Savarez