Yamaha Yrs-24b Baroque Soprano Recorder White (3 Piece)

Regular Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $6.95
Manufacturer Part #:  YRS24B

If you have always wanted to learn a wind instrument then the Yamaha Soprano Recorder is an excellent place to start. It is made from a very durable plastic resin that is ideal for student learners. The Yamaha YRS 24B, with baroque fingering, is in the key of C. It is double holed to play C-C# as well as D-D#. The 3-piece construction makes maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and tuning much easier. The Yamaha recorder's combination of tone, intonation and ease of playing makes it number one in its class. It is suitable for more advanced players, as well as beginning students. It comes with a cloth bag and a fingering chart.

Model: YRS24B
Manufacturer: Yamaha