Used JHS 3 Series Harmonic Trem Effect Pedal

Price: $60.00
Manufacturer Part #:  JHSOD

Introducing the JHS 3 Series Harmonic Trem Effect Pedal. This pedal delivers a cinematic and dynamic tremolo sound for your guitar. It boasts three controls including Volume, Rate, and Depth for precise sound adjustments. The Harmonic Tremolo shaping feature produces a unique and musical effect that is perfect for guitarists who want more texture and depth to their sound. The 3 Series pedal is compact, reliable, affordable, and easy to use making it a perfect addition to any pedalboard. Don't miss out on the unique and expressive Harmonic Tremolo sound that this pedal can deliver. Order yours today!

  • JHS's take on Leo Fender's long-lost tremolo effect
  • Harmonic trem features both a standard tremolo and a harmonic tremolo effect
  • Employs dual-band filtering and LFOs to emphasize high and low frequencies in a rhythmic, alternating pattern

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Model: JHSOD
Manufacturer: JHS