Severinsen Akright Bel Canto 59 Trumpet with Leather Soft Case and K&M Stand (Consigned)

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Manufacturer Part #:  BELCANTO59

The Bel Cantos are hand made by Dick Akright in collaboration with trumpet legend Doc Severinsen. The Bel Canto is a close copy of the original NY era Bach trumpet. These are no longer made due to the high manufacturing cost. According to Dick Akright, Doc play tested each horn and none were released for sale until he was happy.

- These Horns were desgined with the "One Horn Fits All" Design. These trumpets are very versatile in any genre they play in. Perfect for the studio musician or someone interested in multiple styles of playing.

- The Bel Canto features a beautifully designed decal on the bell of the horn with a natural finish for the body of the Trumpet. 

- The hardware on the trumpet is in great condition (Valves, Slides, Water Key, and etc...)

- Made and designed in Oakland California!

- Large Bore Trumpet .480 Size 

- 5 Inch Diameter Bell Size

Manufacturer: Severinsen Akright