Presonus Revelator io24

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Manufacturer Part #:  673454009792
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The PreSonus Revelator io24 is a USB audio Interface with Loopback and effects. It’s aimed at podcasting and live streaming, although that doesn’t exclude it from being a recording interface for music-making, a fact supported by the presence of genuine old‑school 5‑pin MIDI I/O ports on the back. You have two XLR combo inputs using low‑noise XMAX‑L mic preamps on the front and two jack outputs on the back with a separate socket for headphones, and that’s your lot. There are no gain controls, phantom power switches or monitoring options to be seen. Everything is controlled via the little screen, knob encoder and a couple of buttons.

PreSonus have put a lot of thought into the functionality of the Revelator io24 and it achieves that very rare thing of bringing some stand‑out features to the crowded marketplace of two‑input audio interfaces. The digital front-end gives a lot more information than you’d usually see at this level, and you can operate it without referencing the software. But then the software is superb and sets the stage for whatever application you want to apply it to. It’s been designed to serve the needs of the podcaster and live‑streamer and it achieves that with aplomb, but it’s also a decent recording interface with just enough DSP to make a real difference.

Model: 673454009792
Manufacturer: PreSonus