Haynes Classic Q2 Flute with 14K Gold Riser, B Foot, Sterling Body, Nickel Keys, C# Trill and French Case (Consignment)

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Sale Price: $4,600.00
Manufacturer Part #:  HAYNESQ2

This newly consigned Haynes Classic Q2 flute features a handmade headjoint with a 14K gold riser, expanding the harmonic range for a more colorful sound, and a HANDMADE solid silver body!

It is in excellent condition and recently shop adjusted. Come check it out and play test it.


Handmade Sterling Headjoint w/14K Gold Riser
Handmade Solid Silver Body/Foot
Nickel Silver Keys
Offset G
Gizmo Key
C# Trill Key
Drawn Tone Holes
French Pointed Arms

Manufacturer: Haynes