Pre-Owned Antique 4/4 German Violin Bow with Horn Frog (Consignment)

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Manufacturer Part #:  NOPEDIGREEBOW

Pre-Owned Antique Violin Bow with Horn Frog

(Est. Early 1900's)

Here we have this beautifully made full size violin bow with a solid round stick, good camber and no signs of warping. It appears to be German origin, likely made in the early 1900's. This bow has a stunning looking horn frog (not ivory). It also has a tightly wound silver mounting.

This bow has been fully inspected by our string technician. All appearances indicate there are no defects or cracks to speak of. It has plenty of life in the hair and tightens quite easily.


Likely made in Germany (Early 1900's)

Silver mounting

Frog base of bow made from horn (not ivory)

Approx 73cm

Between 56 and 58 Grams

Manufacturer: No Pedigree