Luna Wabi Sabi Folk Solid Top A/E

Price: $299.99
Manufacturer Part #:  WABISABI

A Folk A/E That Embraces the Imperfect

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy of embracing asymmetry and imperfection. Both qualities are cleverly represented here in this great-playing acoustic-electric from Luna. The Wabi Sabi Folk Solid Top Acoustic-electric Guitar is constructed using a B-grade solid spruce top — the type usually rejected on account of aesthetic imperfections, despite having the same tonal properties as much pricier A-grade tops — and features a "coffee ring" brushstroke soundhole rosette along with offset fingerboard side dots for a dramatic visual effect. Despite its quirks, one spin on this comfortable, well-built acoustic will be all the convincing you need. Its spruce-topped mahogany body bellows with rich tone and robust output. Its all-mahogany "C" neck comfortably fills a wide range of hands, suiting this guitar to all players and ages. This model, the Folk A/E, also features onboard electronics with a 3-band EQ and a handy tuner, a perk that Sweetwater players thoroughly appreciate.

Comfortable Folk body style

The Wabi Sabi Folk A/E employs quality tonewoods — solid spruce and warm mahogany — to form its comfortably curvaceous body. This design exhibits punch, balance, and output unplugged, with a shape that many players, large and small, will gravitate to naturally.

Onboard Luna electronics

Looking for a streamlined way to record and gig out? The Luna Wabi Sabi Folk A/E allows you to output your sound directly into an interface, amp, or PA system for a clean, detailed representation of your performance. An onboard preamp with 3-band EQ — along with a built-in tuner, Phase button, and master volume controls — gives you the flexibility to shape your sound from the stage.

Luna Wabi Sabi Folk Solid Top Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Embraces the imperfect and asymmetric
  • B-grade solid spruce top gives you A-grade tone at a great price
  • Rich mahogany back and sides
  • Comfortable Folk body style with brush stroke soundhole rosette
  • Hand-filling "C" mahogany neck with pau ferro fingerboard with offset dot inlays
  • Onboard electronics deliver detailed direct tone and convenient tuner — perfect for gigging and recording

Manufacturer: Luna