NUX Mighty Plug Guitar and Bass Amp Modeling Earphone Amplug

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Manufacturer Part #:  MP-2

Mighty Plug is a handy silent-play gear for both guitarists and bassists. Featured with various effects, Modeling Amplifiers, and Impulse Response (IR) cabinet models. With built-in acoustic guitar IR models and acoustic amps, you could play regular electric guitar to simulate acoustic guitar. The embedded Drum patterns could let you play along with your favorite music styles. High-Quality Modeling Mighty Plug offers the ability to combine effects, amps, and cabinets to both guitar and bass players. Each instrument part has its independent pack for amplifier models, speaker cabinets and effects. Taking advantage of using headphones; all the effects are designed for surround sound. Guitar Mode There are 3 channels and an Acoustic Guitar simulator for electric guitar. 7 signal blocks: 1 noise gate, 7 stompbox effects, 9 amp models, 8 guitar cabinet IR's, 6 modulation effects, 4 delays, and 4 reverb effects for electric guitar. Acoustic Guitar Simulator There are 7 Acoustic Guitar IR models available with 2 acoustic amplifier models, 6 modulation effects, 4 delays and 4 reverb effects. Bass Mode There are 3 channels for bass guitar. 6 effect modules and 25 variety effects in total. Bluetooth Modes You can choose the Bluetooth connection AUDIO mode to play along with your favorite music only. Or APP mode to control the effects and customize your presets, and store it. You can also playback any music when APP mode is selected. The audio mode option is useful when you connect any Bluetooth device that you can not install the Mighty Amp application. Never Lose Your Ideas; Get Recorded! You can record your instrument without using any audio interface. Mighty Plug has a built-in audio streaming function, so you can connect the Amplug directly to your computer with a Micro B USB cable, and it is ready to play and record. A driver free* solution that helps you to produce music with direct connection. You can use the headphones output for monitoring, you will hear both your guitar and the audio from your computer. *Windows 10 and MAC computers. If you are using Windows 8.1 or lower versions, please download the NUX Audio Driver and install to your computer. Long Battery Life and ECO Mode When you turn ON the Mighty Plug, it will run in ECO mode as the default. If there is no headphones connected for 2 minutes, or there is no signal (from guitar, Bluetooth or USB) for 6 minutes Mighty Plug will turn OFF. Key Features Guitar and Bass Modes Acoustic Guitar Simulator with Impulse Response Acoustic Guitar Emulation 13 Amplifier Models 20 Impulse Response Files (Speaker Cabinet and Acoustic Guitar) 19 Variety of Effects Noise Gate NUX TS/AC True Simulation of Analog Circuit Physical Amplifier Modeling Algorithm Rechargeable Li Battery 3 Hours Playing Time Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.2 Drum Beats: 10 Patterns and Metronome

Model: MP-2
Manufacturer: NuX