Walrus Audio Fathom Multi Function Reverb Pedal

Price: $199.00
Manufacturer Part #:  HL00260544

Walrus Audio Fathom Multi-Function Reverb - 20,000 leagues of depth and verb. Whether you use reverb for subtle ambience or to completely drown your tone in evocative washes of sound, you'll be impressed with the Walrus Audio Fathom reverb pedal. Four different reverb algorithms reward you with everything from small rooms to long, modulated cascades of reflection. A sustain switch allows you to capture a sonic moment in time and hold it while you play over it. You can even hold the bypass switch down to use the Fathom reverb as a momentary effect for chord stabs and other embellishments. Complete with a double-octave Sonar reverb effect for a shimmering modern sound, the Walrus Audio Fathom pedal is a reverb you can really get creative with.

Model: HL00260544
Manufacturer: Walrus Audio