Stephen Lege

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A little bit about me:My first exposure to music was on the Piano at eight years of age. At ten, I started the Trumpet and this has remained my main instrument for over three decades. Over the years, as a developing Trumpet player, I have always looked for the very best teachers. Having obtained positive result for my efforts on the Trumpet, many professional bands took notice of me and one thing led to another. Some of the bands I had the privilege to play with include the Starduster Orchestra and Johnny Vegas & the High Rollers Pop Band.Steve-Lege-683x1024
At this time, I am offering Trumpet lessons to Beginning Level Students. I bring a strong technical background and professionalism to my teaching. Additionally, I have an affinity to relate to, and motivate, the younger generation, including youngsters. As a continuing music student, I am in the process of completing my College Degree in Music Education and Performance.

My Philosophy on Teaching: 

I believe in pushing the student on their instrument. I want them to achieve results far beyond their own expectations. To do this, I must be a mentor and motivator, as well as a teacher. By accomplishing goals, the student gains self-confidence and self-esteem in the process. Learning to play a musical instrument takes time, patience, and tenacity. It is not easy, but it is not impossible, either. I believe anyone can learn an instrument. They just have to try, and, as well, have the right teacher. When the proper tools are in place, the sky is the limit, as to what can be accomplished. Playing an instrument has great joy to it, and benefits that will last a lifetime. Having the right teacher is half the battle.
As far as my teaching approach is concerned, I believe in proper preparation. The Trumpet is a highly technical instrument with its own idiosyncrasies. As well, each student has his or her own idiosyncrasies or learning curve, so to speak. Therefore, I try to ‘tailor’ each lesson to each individual student. No two students will receive the same lesson. To this end, I try to draw from many different Trumpet playing philosophies and methods, to help the student. One rigid approach, or method, simply does not work!! I have seen this to be the case many times with developing Trumpet Players. Flexibility is the best approach at bringing out the very best in the student.As an adjunct to the Trumpet, I also teach Basic Piano and Music Theory to all my students. If you would like to set up lesson for yourself or your child, I am offering a free first time Trumpet Lesson. You can reach me at my email: or my website;

Thank you, I hope to meet you very soon!!!
Stephen Lege
For a Free Trumpet Lesson, you can email me at: I am taking Beginning Level students for private study at this time. My regular charge is $30.00/Hr. for a standard lesson. I can also travel locally within Marin County, and I can travel outside of Marin for an additional fee.