Randall Curtis

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Randall’s Methodrcurtis

All students progress rapidly at piano playing by using techniques that are beyond the ordinary. They understand how to combine chords, rhythms, and muscle memory as a whole process which awakens the skill to play any new piece almost “perfectly the very first time.” This has to be seen to be believed. The “Magic Image Course” is given to children from 5 to 8 who learn to play instantly without reading notes. When they do start to read, they usually surprise themselves and everyone else with how quickly they learn how to perform written music. Above all, they really enjoy playing the piano because they are encouraged by their own rapid progress. I also teach composition and improvisation.


I attended the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music, the Vienna Academy of Music, and San Francisco State University. In 2001 I composed a three act musical called “The Heart of a Man is a Woman” and directed it at the College of Marin. Recently, I complete a book of piano pieces for students in the late elementary to advanced level. I love to find unique and unexplored ways to teach my students how to play with great freedom without tension and concern. This is why I founded the Rapid Progress Piano School.



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