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Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 W Combo Amp


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Fender’s Bassbreaker series puts classic tones at your fingertips, preserving both past and future sounds with a few twists to offer up a wider palette. The EL84-driven Bassbreaker 18/30 electric guitar combo injects a bit of British flavor into a pair of classic designs. It gets its voice from two footswitchable channels: one channel consists of a 30-watt Blackface Deluxe for glassy tones that warm up with volume boosts, and a second channel is based on an 18-watt ’61 Brown Deluxe for lower headroom and warm, compressed overdrive. With the Bassbreaker 18/30, you’ll bridge the Atlantic Ocean with a decidedly British take on Fender tone.

  • 18/30-watt tube Combo amp with a British flavor
  • 30-watt Blackface Deluxe channel
  • 18-watt ’61 Brown Deluxe channel
  • Class A, EL84 power section adds chime
  • 2×12″ Celestion G12V-70 speakers
  • Birch-ply construction