Ezra Palmer-Persen

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Ezra’s  Methodezra

The Method that I teach is the method that was common to the great players of the 19th to the early 20th century such Jules Levy, A. Liberati, Saint Jacome, Arthur Pryor and Herbert L. CLarke. It was passed down by Herbert L. Clarke to the late Dr. Claude E. Gordon. The method first establishes that Brass playing is a from of athletics and goes on to identify the seven natural principles of playing that are based on the physics of brass instruments and performance. The student then learns how to systematically develop and work these elements in a natural manner within the forces of nature. Students who are willing to follow directions, practice and successfully apply these principles have the opportunity to develop the range, endurance, and musicianship of the players that performed when brass was the “KING” of all instruments.


Ezra Palmer-Persen earned his B.A. in Music from San Francisco State University in 1973. He has been a professional brass player and musician since his early college days, having performed as a session player and in show bands for professional artists when they came to the Bay Area. These include Barbara McNair, The Whispers, Barbara Mason, and Gladys Knight and the Pips. SInce 1988 he has devoted his energies to brass instruction. In 1993 he was certified to teach all upper and lower cupped brass instruments using the Claude Gordon method having attended the last certification class that Dr. Gordon personally taught. Ezra also studied under Dr. Gordon privately for 2.5 years, and 6 years with Richard Hoffman in Los Angeles. Other notable trumpet instructors include Joe Alessi and Jazz Veteran John Coppola.

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