Diane Reiner

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Diane’s MethodDianeReiner

I offer piano and voice instruction for students of all ages, and at all levels of musical development.  My musical background includes solid classical training, a music conservatory education, and professional performance, but I also love, teach, and perform in a variety of styles, including jazz, rock, blues, folk, world music, and more.  Students receive the basics of good technique and training, and we then go on to apply that training to the style of music they most enjoy.

Piano Lessons

I base my piano teaching on classical piano method, which includes solid keyboard technique and repertoire.  Theory and music-reading are an indispensable part of piano instruction and prepare the student to continue with keyboard, other instruments, or vocal music.  Depending upon the student’s interests, we can work on various styles of music, including classical, popular, show music, ragtime, and more.  The ability to read and play piano music opens the door to a large and versatile musical world.

Voice Lessons

Voice students receive instruction in good vocal technique, as well as stylistic and interpretive coaching.  We work on breath support, tone production, and diction, and adapt lessons to each student’s style and needs.  Songs in a variety of genres, including blues, rock, pop, jazz, classical and more can be included, depending upon the student’s particular preferences.  Singing is an expression of both the body and spirit, and we work on developing a healthy physical approach that will allow the singer to express the spirit and meaning of the music.


I received early private music instruction in Los Angeles and later trained in San Francisco and at New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  In addition to piano and voice, I have studied violin, guitar, West African drumming, and world music theory, including North Indian classical music, the gamelan music of Bali and Java, and more.  My professional experience in piano includes work as a piano accompanist for vocalists, choirs, and dance studios.  My vocal performance credits include solo performances with choral and orchestral organizations in the Bay Area and Boston.  I have performed in vocal recitals, have held positions as soprano soloist at various Bay Area churches, and have been a member of major professional choruses such as the San Francisco Symphony Chorus.  My work as a choral conductor has included positions with Berkeley Community Chamber Chorus, University of California, SingersMarin in Marin County, and more.  If you would like more information about my professional experience, I will be glad to speak with you and provide my resume.  References are available.

Student Comments

“Our daughter made an immediate connection with Diane and has always looked forward to her piano lessons. We think that Diane has a great way with kids and makes learning music fun, even for very young children.”

– Arnim and Barbara Polster
Parents of young piano student

“Diane’s love for music is very apparent through her teachings.  You can sense her passion and drive as she talks about different artists, pieces, and composers, which always got me more excited and eager to learn.  She has wonderful patience and creativity.  She consistently introduced new warm-ups and challenged me on new songs.  She is a talented musician and an excellent teacher, always in a cheerful mood and ready to make music.”

– Kelley Roudebush
Adult voice student

” If you are looking for a music teacher, Diane Reiner is the real deal.  She very skillfully cut through all the obstacles and gave me the keys to play the music of Chopin and Gershwin.  She is extremely well-trained, and she is patient and kind.  She studied at the New England Conservatory, and she passes that and her innate talent to her grateful students.”

– M. Martori
Adult piano student

“Diane helped me immensely with my piano preparation as an adult beginner while I was getting ready to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston.  She was quite patient with me while I was learning how to develop better practice habits and read sheet music.  She was also very diligent about finding pieces to work on that were at a beginner’s level, but which kept me engaged and interested.  Diane gets twelve thumbs up!”

– Brendan Landis
Adult composer and piano student

“I am a 40-something rock musician and Diane has helped me dramatically improve both my vocal style and presence.  Diane is very easy to work with and offers specific feedback to help me make the most of my performance.”

– Christopher Blood
Adult voice student

“Diane is a great teacher and I learn so much from her.  She is very patient and she makes learning fun.  I feel I play more beautifully because of her teaching.”

– Emma
Young piano student

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