Orchestral Strings – Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Scott Cao STV-1500 “Soil” (Perlman) 1714 Stradivarius Violin

Built, varnished, and set up in Campbell, CA Studio. Exact copy varnish. Best quality 10 years aged Bosnian maple, Italian spruce. Indian ebony fingerboard. Boxwood fittings. Setup with Aubert Luxe Bridge and Dominant strings. Pricing includes a 6-month service policy and … Read More

$4,000.00 $3,499.00

Copy of famous 1710 – Stradivari – The “Gore-Booth” (distressed). Italian spruce, Chinese maple, Indian ebony fingerboard, Hill style ebony fittings, 4 fine tuners. Built and antique varnished in Guangzhou.   Setup with Helicore Strings & Aubert Bridge (bag & … Read More

$3,608.00 $2,835.00
Scott Cao Replica Soil 1714 Stradivarius Violin

Copy of famous 1714 Stradivarius named after Belgian industrialist Amedee Soil. (distressed). Chinese maple, Italian spruce, Indian ebony fingerboard, Hill style ebony fittings, European spruce top and maple back, special varnish in antique look. Built and varnished in Guangzhou. *No … Read More

Scott Cao Cello 4/4

Chinese maple (moderate flame) and spruce, Indian ebony fingerboard, Indian rosewood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece. 4 fine tuners. Built and varnished in Guangzhou. 

$2,195.00 $1,895.00
Scott Cao Viola 15.5

Unlike most factory made instruments, Scott Cao’s 017 models are fully hand carved by a group of skilled makers trained by Scott Cao’s students. These instruments feature carved scroll, carved tops, back arching and beautifully applied hand-painted varnish. They are … Read More

$935.00 $699.00
Scott Cao Hand-Carved Student Violin

The Scott Cao 017 is the best student violin you can find when considering both the quality and affordability of the instrument. Unlike other violins available in this price range, the 017 has fully hand carved scrolls, tops and backs while … Read More

$725.00 $589.00