Orange Micro Dark 20W Amp Head

The Orange Micro Dark hybrid electric guitar amplifier head puts great high-gain tones in a simple and very portable package. Based around Orange’s popular Dark series of amplifiers, the Micro Dark offers the same searing gain and tonal versatility as … Read More

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Orange Micro Terror 20W Amp Head

Weighing in at under 1 kilo, the Micro Terror is arguably the most portable amp head on the market. When paired with its matching PPC108 cabinet, the Micro Terror’s Aux Input and Headphone output make it a perfect practice partner, small enough for … Read More

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Orange Crush 3-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

A MICRO AMP WITH A BIG SOUL The essence of Orange in the palm of your hand. Featuring switchable overdrive, a built-in tuner and styling that has been our signature since the very beginning: basket weave speaker grille, miniature crest, ‘picture frame’ … Read More

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