Orange O-Bass

AN INSTANT CLASSIC FOR BASSISTS PURSUING AUTHENTIC RETRO TONE The O Bass is the brainchild of Orange Technical Director and lead designer Adrian Emsley, whose inspiration came from his self-confessed love of vintage gear. Having spent a lifetime modifying all … Read More

$629.00 $449.00
Orange Dual Terror 30/15/7 W Amp Head

Diminutive size with tons of tone! The Dual Terror head from Orange puts up to 30 watts of British tube-amp awesomeness at your disposal – along with an amazing array of tonal versatility. The Dual Terror boasts a fat channel … Read More

$1,139.00 $899.00
Orange Micro Dark 20W Amp Head

The Orange Micro Dark hybrid electric guitar amplifier head puts great high-gain tones in a simple and very portable package. Based around Orange’s popular Dark series of amplifiers, the Micro Dark offers the same searing gain and tonal versatility as … Read More

$249.00 $189.00
Orange Micro Terror 20W Amp Head

Weighing in at under 1 kilo, the Micro Terror is arguably the most portable amp head on the market. When paired with its matching PPC108 cabinet, the Micro Terror’s Aux Input and Headphone output make it a perfect practice partner, small enough for … Read More

$199.00 $149.00
Orange Micro Terror 20-Watt Guitar Head

TINY AMP, ENORMOUS TONE Weighing in at under 1 kilo, the Micro Terror is arguably the most portable amp head on the market. When paired with its matching PPC108 cabinet, the Micro Terror’s Aux Input and Headphone output make it a perfect practice partner, … Read More

$199.00 $149.00
Orange OR-15H 15-Watt Guitar Amp Head

VINTAGE INSPIRED With outstanding dynamics and classic ‘Pics Only’ styling dating back to our Graphic models of the early 1970s, the OR15H is our smallest ever ‘sleeved’ amplifier. Aside from the aesthetics, the vintage flavour of the OR Series is reflected in the … Read More

$999.00 $699.00
Orange Crush 35RT (Reverb/Tremolo) 35-Watt Guitar Combo

BRINGING THE ‘ORANGE SOUND’ TO THE REHEARSAL ROOM… New for 2015, the Crush 35RT is the largest and most feature-laden model in the Crush range. Our new twin channel, high gain preamp coupled to a beefier 35Watt output stage and 10″ … Read More

$319.00 $259.00
Orange Micro Terror Closed Back Guitar Cabinet

PERFECT FOR YOUR MICRO TERROR The new PPC108 cab is ideal for building your own micro-terror stack and a perfect partner for the Micro Terror. The scaled down cab, is available to purchase separately and its 8” speaker delivers a … Read More

$139.00 $99.00
Orange Crush Pro 60-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

60 WATTS OF ANALOGUE TONE The Crush Pro Series marks our first foray into the realm of high powered, stage-ready solid state amplifiers. Taking its inspiration from the twin channel circuit in our prestigious Rockerverb series, the Crush Pro range has been developed using high … Read More

$699.00 $499.00
Orange Crush 3-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

A MICRO AMP WITH A BIG SOUL The essence of Orange in the palm of your hand. Featuring switchable overdrive, a built-in tuner and styling that has been our signature since the very beginning: basket weave speaker grille, miniature crest, ‘picture frame’ … Read More

$89.00 $63.00
Orange Crush 12 Watt Guitar Combo Amp

SIZE DOESN’T ALWAYS MATTER… New for 2015 the Crush 12 is the smallest of the full-format Crush models designed for guitarists with a no-nonsense attitude to quality analogue tone. This single channel combo features a powerful 3 band EQ and dedicated … Read More

$119.00 $99.00
Orange Crush 20 Watt Guitar Combo Amp

THE PRACTICE AMP, REFINED New for 2015 the twin channel Crush 20 takes an uncompromising approach to guitar tone and puts it in a compact and portable package. With footswitchable Clean and Dirty channels our new high gain, four stage … Read More

$169.00 $139.00
Orange Crush 20RT (Reverb/Tuner) Guitar Combo Amp

PRACTICE PERFECT New for 2015 the Crush 20RT builds on the tonal platform of the Crush 20 with even more of functionality through the inclusion of lush onboard reverb and an integrated chromatic tuner. Like its more ‘stripped down’ sibling, the Crush 20RT features … Read More

$229.00 $189.00
Orange Crush CR-50BXT Bass Combo Amp

PRACTICE OR LOW LEVEL REHEARSING The portable Crush Pix CR50BXT features a Built-In Tuner, Speaker Out, and an Aux Input for MP3 players or CD. The Orange Crush PiX Bass range, like our guitar amps, feature everything you would expect … Read More

$329.00 $269.00
Orange OB1-300 Bass Amp Head

LEAVE THE OTHER AMP AT HOME… For years bassists have been combining guitar and bass amps to remarkable effect, adding harmonics and layers of overdrive from a guitar amp to their core bass tone in pursuit of the ultimate live sound. This ‘bi-amp’ trend … Read More

$999.00 $799.00
Orange OBC–212 Bass Cabinet

HIGH POWER, ISOBARIC DESIGN Building on the success of our SmartPower series, the new OBC212 is our best isobaric bass cabinet yet. This clever design positions one speaker behind the other, creating an airtight, phase coherent chamber for outstanding projection … Read More

$949.00 $749.00